Everyone deserves support during this important time.

I am pleased to also offer my services as a clinical counsellor with the CRD Perinatal Counselling Program in Victoria, BC for people who would otherwise have a hard time paying for therapy.

This Program offers online and in-person counselling to new and expecting parents in the CRD region who are in need of support and cannot afford counselling services. The Program also offers perinatal grief and loss counselling to help parents during times of loss before or after birth.

CRD | Theresa Gulliver Counselling

To engage in counselling services with me or another provider through the CRD Perinatal Counselling Program, a referral from a primary care provider is required.

You can start with a conversation with your family doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner to assess the degree to which you are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief or difficulty adjusting to parenthood. For those who do not have extended health benefits and are ready for and interested in counselling, a referral form is submitted for consideration.

I am immensely grateful to be part of this privately funded program that helps expand the range of perinatal counselling services available within the CRD region. Making counselling more accessible to those who need it is a passion of mine and this is one way I can help reach that goal.

To learn more please visit: https://www.crdperinatal.ca