South Island Resources

Here are a few local and online resources for new parents. This list is by no means exhaustive. It is intended to be a helpful start to reaching out and connecting with others going through a similar experience. When we do so we feel less alone and more compassionate towards our struggles. Parenting was never meant to be a lonely journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I’m happy to discuss it with you.

Parent/Baby Groups - Drop In

Mothering Touch

New Baby Drop In Group – for parents and their newborn to 6 month old babies
Older Baby Drop In Group – for parents and their 6-18 month old babies.

Saanich Neighbourhood Place offers several weekly drop in support groups for new parents, including fathers.

Sooke Family Resource Centre

Pregnancy Groups - Drop in

Mothering Touch

Pregnancy Happy Hour

Postpartum Wellness Support Group

Requires a referral or public health nurse intake

Facilitated by public health nurses, weekly peer support groups offer helpful tools, resources and a chance to connect for those experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety or difficulty adjusting to the transition to new parenthood.

West Shore Health Unit

Cook St Health Unit

Resources for Fathers

Centre for Men’s Excellence – specializing in paternal mental health.

Resources, online new dad group and research about the transition to fatherhood

For Couples


Living in Families Effectively

South Island Child Resources

A thorough website listing drop-in programs, centres and resources for parents of children 0-6 months.

Online / Text Support

Pacific Postpartum Support Society

Phone and text-based support, online resources and online support groups

Postpartum Support International

US-based but has a broad range of online support groups and accurate and helpful information about perinatal mental health.


To help normalize the challenges some experience during the transition to motherhood.

The Birth Of A Mother: How The Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever
Daniel N. Stern

To Have And To Hold: Motherhood, Marriage And The Modern Dilemma
Molly Millwood