Feeling unprepared for what’s to come?

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions, some of which are overwhelming, unexpected, and not always positive. Although there may be joy there can also be trepidation and surprise. You may feel excited and apprehensive at the same time as you prepare for this next chapter of your life.

Along with your body’s change process during pregnancy, there is a psychological gestation as you begin to embrace the idea that your life will be forever changed by the demanding role of becoming a parent.

During this time of high adjustment and transition as many as 15% of parents struggle with prenatal anxiety and/or depression with symptoms such as: extreme worry, sadness, low mood, irritability and dread.

Are You Asking Yourself:

  • Am I ready to have a child and become a parent?
  • Do I have what it takes?
  • Will I have to choose between a baby and my career?
  • How will my past affect my ability to be a ‘good mom’?
  • Can I handle pregnancy, labour and delivery?
  • What am I doing wrong if I am not getting pregnant? Is it a sign?

Counselling can help.

Prenatal counselling is specialized therapy that supports you to navigate this time of change. With specialized training, prenatal counselling can help you manage your mental health, relationships, identity changes and anything else that gets stirred up during your pregnancy.

Pregnant | Theresa Gulliver Counselling

Support is available for:

  • Coping strategies and decision-making
  • Treatment for mental health concerns
  • Working with past trauma
  • Planning for labour, delivery and postpartum
  • Feeling prepared and aligned with your partner or supports
  • Processing grief and loss

Experienced and professional support can also help when you are contemplating having a child and need a place to talk it through.

Additionally, if getting pregnant is a struggle you may feel grief, sadness, disappointment and a whole range of emotions. Genuine and compassionate support combined with helpful coping strategies through times of loss can help you navigate this vulnerable time.

Pregnant woman | Theresa Gulliver Counselling

Prenatal counselling can help you feel prepared and confident at this time of change.

With specialized training in perinatal mental health my approach is warm and inviting while also practical and direct to help you reach your goals.

Pregnancy can be an adaptive process where people actively seek information and support to help make sense of anticipated changes. Having a safe space to be heard and understood in your unique story can add more ease and comfort through this transition and beyond.

If you’re considering counselling support before having your baby, start with a complimentary consultation to learn more.