The role of step parent is unique.

Blended families are becoming increasingly more common; however, there are few resources available for effectively navigating the relationships of these unique family dynamics. Step parents play an important role in the family and it comes with challenges. It can feel confusing and frustrating being a step parent. It takes time to build the bond, establish trust and navigate boundaries and roles.

Being raised by my father for 10 years, I had different stepmothers who were very influential in my life. Little did I know I would become a stepmother years before I became a mother. I am familiar first hand with the inherent challenges of this unique role and I’m here to help.

Are You Struggling With:

  • Building a bond and connecting with your step child
  • Feeling like an outsider
  • Understanding what role you play
  • Feeling confused about relationship dynamics with your step child, their parents, or co-parents

One of the hardest parts of creating an intentional family is believing you belong.

You aren’t doomed to struggle with this relationship.

Counselling can help you learn specific tools and strategies, and support you towards a more harmonious relationship with your step child and your partner. My approach encourages openness and honesty, offering you the space to explore your challenges and create personal change. By clarifying expectations, establishing boundaries and improving communication, you can feel more confident in your role in the family.

If you’re considering support to help ensure your journey as a step parent is a smooth one, start with a complimentary consultation to learn more and find out if I’m the right fit for you.

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