How to Deal with Mama Guilt – An Online Workshop for Mothers

Join two Motherhood Counsellors: Katherine Aucoin, RTC and Theresa Gulliver, RTC Nov 18, 2018 for this informative and experiential workshop.

Guilt consumes all mothers at some point. What if it was a tool for self empowerment rather than defeat?                                               Experience more freedom from guilt with practical tools and helpful information so you can be your best!

Do you feel guilty?

Guilt is a very common feeling for mothers. There is a lot of pressure and high expectations to get it right when it comes to our children. Do you ask yourself:

  • Do I spend enough time with my children? With my partner?
  • Am I making the ‘right’ choices for my child?
  • Is there a way to take back or make up for the mistakes I have made?

Do you feel no matter how hard you try you are just not measuring up as much as you would like?

Guilt can hit especially hard for those who are perfectionists. There is a high bar of standard that is rarely reached or satisfied. It feels like there is always more you could do in order to be ‘better.’

When is it enough?

Experience more freedom

Holding onto guilt or high expectations does not benefit you or your children.

You may know this logically but it is a hard habit to shake.

Learn how guilt works and how to use it to benefit your life.

We make attending this workshop easy! Join us online from the comfort of home.

You will be invited to participate in written activities to help deepen your understanding and integrate the information presented. Applying new information to your life is what creates changes. We will share how to do this because we truly want the very best for you and your family. You deserve it!

WHEN?      Nov 18, 2018. 10:30 – 11:30 am PST

 WHERE?      Online. Using (free + easy to use) Zoom


(talk to me if price inhibits your participation)

Join Us for this Unique Online Workshop for Mothers

Start Creating a Healthier Relationship with Yourself (and your family)


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What You Will Learn In This Workshop

  • How guilt can sometimes be helpful – if you know how to use it to your advantage
  • How to move forward when guilt is holding you back
  • How to change your destructive self-talk and find self-compassion
  • How perfectionism is related to guilt and how to break free from it
  • Tools to work with guilt to find freedom from it so you can be the best mother you can be!

This is an online workshop. You can attend from anywhere.

You will be emailed a Zoom link prior to the workshop. If this is your first time using Zoom, plan to arrive 5 minutes early to download the free, easy-to-use software.

If you need to bring your baby to the workshop, no problem! You will not be alone in that. One of the benefits of an online workshop is you can take care of your baby or child as needed, and join us as you can.

If you attend and fill out the post-workshop feedback form, you’ll also receive the audio/video recording of the workshop.


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