Janet Lansbury is my go to these days for most things parenting.

Her belief that infants are born whole as unique people, deeply occupied with their own thoughts who deserve to be treated as we would expect to be treated really resonates with me.  She explains that as babies, we have a powerful instinctive need to understand and be understood, and we trust our parents to show us the way.

Since 1994 she has taught respectful parenting classes and written two books, both of which I highly recommend. When you hear ‘Respectful Parenting‘ how does that sit with you? What comes to mind?

Motherhood can lead us to evaluate our values that guide our parenting choices. I have come to realize one important value to me is respect. We all desire and deserve respect, including from the beginning of our lives.

Here is a great post about giving your undivided attention (when you can) to your child while feeding or nursing: The Breastfeeding Challenge: Take the Phone Off the Hook.

She writes: “Our babies are inclined to accept whatever we offer them — it’s all they know — but they undoubtedly feel the difference between a present and a distracted parent. This isn’t to say that as a nursing mom I was a model of focused attention at all times, but I was cognizant of the ideal, so I made an effort to rise to the occasion as much as possible.”

Let me know what you think.