Let’s be honest. Motherhood can be hard. Damn hard sometimes.

While our children bring us so much love and joy (often more deeply than we have ever felt before) they also challenge us and test our limits. Sleepless nights, hormonal fluctuations, and endless demands of a tiny human add to the mix.

Sometimes motherhood is about surviving.

We just need to get through the day, hour, and minutes keeping ourselves and our little one alive. We do our best to get through the tasks at hand, gripping tightly to our sanity. This is particularly true in the beginning.

At other times, when we come up for air and feel grounded is when we can consider thriving. Yes, these times present themselves. Confidence builds and we each reach this place naturally and in our own time.

This is when we have the capacity to reflect and explore ourselves. How do we respond when things are really difficult? Are there things we can do to make our journey into motherhood more ease filled? Yes. Of course there are and often they are a matter of a shift in perspective.

It’s not always so black and white. It’s not only about just surviving or just thriving. I think it’s a spectrum where even amidst the challenging moments that feel like mere survival, we may find a split second to take a deep breath and change our thought pattern slightly, making it that much more tolerable.

It takes the same amount of effort to make our lives feel miserable or more enjoyable. It’s up to us to choose which path to take.