Not only can the house be messy but so can our emotions.

We try our best to do our best and be our best for our children. We juggle multiple tasks and demands and sometimes something has to give in order for our sanity to be maintained.

Sometimes we set the bar really high and it’s relieving to lighten our expectations while remembering that we are still worthy and loveable and capable human beings.

Yesterday I connected with a friend and colleague who is also a mother of 2. We were using Skype and normally I try to set myself up with minimal distractions so I can focus. Screens can be forgiving allowing us to precisely choose how much the person on the other end sees. The truth is that it was a busy day and I chose to take my daughter to the park and give us both some fresh air rather than stay home and clean. There are only so many hours in a day and priorities have to be set. Rather than hide anything, I turned Skype on and exposed my mess. Laundry was all over the bed. My daughter was running around shrieking at times and wanting my attention.

This may sound minimal but for me, coming from a family that prides itself on order and structure, it was stepping outside my comfort zone.

I felt exposed.

Showing someone the mess of my home was allowing me to remember I am more than the mess. I am not defined by my mess. I am not less of a mother because my house is not in order.

You can see my mess, my tears, my disorganization because sometimes that is where I am at. It’s not who I am. It’s simply where I am at for that moment in time. Even in the middle of this mess, I can remember I am still Enough just as I am.

Exposing self judgement can guide us to remembering the truth of who we really are.

It is so relieving!

This is what we are here to support each other to do – to show up fully, owning our mess and our grace and be accepted.

Show me your mess.

I can handle it.

In fact, I prefer it!