Connected Mothers Thrive

We weren’t meant to become mothers alone, at home in our own living rooms feeling isolated and lonely. Historically women raised children in community with other women nearby. This allowed for questions to be asked, information to be shared and multiple layers of support to be provided. This level of connection reminds women entering motherhood that we all have our struggles and we are not alone.

Do you have a longing to deeply explore your experience as a new mother and build community in a supported and nurturing environment?

Affordable Group Counselling is Available

Grab a cup of tea and join new mothers face to face, share and get support on a regular basis. You are invited, at your own pace, to listen and safely explore your own journey in a therapeutic setting.

Topics often explored include navigating changes in your identity, relationships and emotions. Effective tools are shared and practised to assist in your day to day life.

You will realize you are not alone in your challenges. You will have the opportunity to deepen your personal awareness and self-empowerment. Emotional skills will be strengthened and you will have the ability to view your life and relationships from a new perspective. Plus, you will make new connections, some of which may be long lasting and carry on with you as you raise your child(ren).

Theresa is a wonderful facilitator. She strikes the perfect balance between guiding the conversation and offering reflections without stepping in too much. She is compassionate, smart and personable. – Mother of Two, Victoria, BC

Connect from the comfort of your own home with online support groups or join us for in-person groups in Victoria. Explore your options below.

Your community awaits.

Find the right group that feels best for you.


What are Support Groups like?

The focus is on connection – with yourself and each other. We encourage you to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.
We explore topics such as changes in identity, relationships, self care, and intimacy. The truth is, we are never alone in our struggles. It may be surprising how many others can relate.


You may be asked questions to help you see your experience in a new light or from a new perspective. We share insights and knowledge about the natural changes of parenthood and you are left feeling informed and inspired to continue on your journey knowing you are fully supported along the way.

Can my child(ren) attend?

Babies are welcome to the Motherhood Circle. You can take care of your baby as needed and still get support for yourself.

We ask that toddlers stay home for you to attend Motherhood Circle 2.0. This is You time!


How does Online Group Support work?

We meet online using Zoom video conferencing: a free and secure program that is easy to use. It’s convenient and allows you to connect from the comfort of home. You can get the support you need while working around nap schedules and even stay in your pajamas if you prefer.


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