Empowering Step parents

Modern blended families are becoming the norm and are far more accepted than in the past. However, there are few resources available for effectively navigating the relationship dynamics of this transition. Step parents play an important role in the family and being a step parent can have its challenges. In the beginning it can be especially difficult as the bond is forming.

I believe there is a significant benefit to the long gestation period of pregnancy. The deep bond between parent and child begins to form then. This natural process isn’t possible with stepchildren. It only begins when you enter each other’s lives. For many, it takes time to bond with a new partner’s child, especially if time is also needed for your relationship with their parent.

Are You Struggling With Any of the Following?

  • Building a deep bond and connecting with your step child
  • Knowing where you fit in and what role you play
  • Feeling jealous of new relationship dynamics with your step child or their parents
  • Uncertainty with how to express your feelings in the middle of this struggle

I worked with Theresa during a very difficult period in my life. She has a presence and a calmness I really needed and found very grounding. She asks deeply thoughtful questions that helped me find a solid place to begin the hard work. – Step Parent, Victoria, BC

Your Struggle is an Opportunity for Healing

Your step parent struggles are an opportunity to explore what deeper realizations want to emerge within yourself.

Can we identify what needs our healing attention when we experience upsetting triggers? How can you move through these experiences in a way that helps you connect with your partner and stepchild(ren)?

Our work together will explore this and more, allowing you to show up as the person you want to be in your relationship with yourself, your partner and your step child.

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful
for the evolution of your consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle

What are you believing in the middle of your current struggle?
Is this a familiar place for you?

Let’s help you to get clear on the truth



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