Hard Wired for Success. How a Mother’s Brain Changes

Hard Wired for Success. How a Mother’s Brain Changes

Of all the changes we feel during pregnancy and as new mothers, it is helpful to realize our brains (the control centre of our nervous systems) change. Big Time. Why? We need to learn a lot of new behaviors in order to ensure the survival of our child(ren). While some of these new behaviours are learned, many we become hard wired for. Literally. How? There are various studies that attempt to look at how this occurs and research is currently underway to continue to find more answers. Here is a summary of some research to date.   Pregnancy leads to

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The Beginning of Life

It’s a movie and a series on Netflix. Researchers and families explain the significance of the early years. The series goes into more detail and is well worth watching if you want science to remind you just how important parenting is. Get your tissues. Each episode has brought me to (joyful) tears.  

The Most Common Question I Am Asked – Answered

  What questions were you asked most often when you were pregnant? ‘How far along are you?’ ‘Do you know if it’s a girl or a boy?’ And if you have a child, what question do you hear the most? ‘Oh, Cute. How old are they?’ And many others, I am sure. When I meet someone and tell them I am a therapist the first question they ask is ‘What kind of counselling or therapy do you offer?’ It’s a difficult question to answer briefly but here is my style explained in less than 2 minutes.