Safe and Supportive Counselling for Parents

Parenting is difficult. You want the best for your child(ren) and family, and are trying to do it all, have it all and be everything to everyone. What catches you by surprise is you feel ill prepared about how your new family dynamic reflects back to you unresolved aspects of yourself.

You realize you need to address core issues so they don’t surface in unhealthy ways and negatively impact your family. As a resourceful person you are willing to move beyond your blind spots with new insights and tools to get the results you want and deserve.

Embrace Parenthood Holistically
and Mindfully

Theresa Gulliver Counselling is a holistic private practice in Victoria, BC. I offer counselling for new and expecting parents and stepparents both in-person and online. Whether you are trying to decide to have a child, are pregnant or enduring early parenthood, you can thrive through this exciting yet impactful life change.

For Best Success

My client-centred approach to counselling is uniquely tailored to your needs. Your mental and emotional well-being, physical health and spiritual harmony are all considered as we transform difficulties into healing opportunities and find practical solutions for you and your family.


Get to the Root of it and THRIVE

Fostering healthy change and adaptation requires you to draw on all resources available, including getting support. I can help you gently unveil the root cause of your concerns so deep, lasting healing can occur.

Theresa held a tender, yet powerful space that allowed me to safely enter places that I have not entered before with anyone. Working together, I rebuilt a relationship of trust and dependability with myself and am now more confident as a mother, a friend and in my work. My relationships improved and are now based on love, trust and respect because of these strengthened aspects of myself. I am grateful for this transformation. – Mother, UK

“We can’t solve our problems using the same level of thinking
that created them” – Albert Einstein
The truth is, when we know better, we do better. We either gain knowledge and tools to model positive behaviour to our children or we unintentionally leave issues for them to resolve. Progressively more parents are seizing every opportunity to heal and grow to be the best they can be. With support, new parents discover how to Thrive into parenthood and beyond!
Let’s work together to help you remain connected to what matters most
– yourself, your relationships and your child(ren)


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